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TNT 300 golden tool sold by all tire supply

Posted by Beth Blysard on

All Tire Supply, a Houston, TX based corporation well known in the tire service industry as a nationwide supplier of tire service equipment, has announced a new addition to their lineup of products, the TNT-300 Golden Tool. All Tire states that this is one of the most innovative and revolutionary truck tire mounting and dismounting tools to ever become available to the industry with the potential to greatly increase productivity and reduce service technician fatigue and injuries, as well as prevent damage to rims and tires.

The TNT-300 Ushers In A Golden Age Of Truck Tire Service

The TNT-300, also known as the TNT X-One, utilizes a clever design consisting of a well-engineered lever handle with a pivoting head and polymer rollers to make maximum use of leverage and wheel rim contours. This non-traditional design eliminates the use of brute force in dismounting and mounting truck tires, letting the principles of science and physics do the work with a high level of efficiency and conservation of energy. It also incorporates into one demounting tool the utility traditionally achieved with multiple lever bars. The design helps to prevent damage to tire beads and rims and can be used on tires on or off of a vehicle. By relieving the physical strain required by traditional levers and also the need to lift the tire and rim to access the bottom bead, the TNT-300 helps to reduce fatigue and stress related injuries.

The Golden Tool can be used on tires from 17.5”-24.5”, Super Singles from 315-445, X-One super-wide base tires and with both Dayton and Bud type disc wheels.Trials have shown that tubeless tires can be dismounted in as little as eight seconds and mounted in as little as twenty seconds by most technicians after only a short amount of instruction time and usage.

The TNT-300 is a decided improvement on the TNT-200 Dismount Tool. The Golden Tool’s special pivoting head and rollers increase leverage and efficiency dramatically over the older design and frees the user from having to carry several other tire tools for the job. The ability to service X-One super-wide base tires quickly and efficiently is a proven profit maker.

Satisfied Customers Respond

All Tire Supply reports that customer response has been extremely positive since the introduction of the TNT-300 Golden Tool. Independent shop owner Dana Johnson reports that his employees love the TNT-300 and he would recommend it to any shop. And Tiffany Agnew of the D&J Bus Company decided to try the tool after hearing good things about it from other shops and she and her employees wholeheartedly endorse it too.

For more information on the TNT-300 Golden Tool visit the company website at All Tire Supply and theTNT-300 specifications page.

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