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Need a TPMS Kit? Try Dill 8100

Posted by Beth Blysard on

Need a TPMS Kit? Try Dill 8100


Finding the right tools to service a tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS can seem complicated. Every new vehicle in the United States, beginning in 2008 model vehicles, must have a TPMS system installed. A variety of tools are necessary to properly service the different TPMS systems that are available across a variety of manufacturers.

What is the Dill 8100 Tool Kit?

The Dill 8100 Master TPMS Torque Tool Kit includes most of the tools that may be needed to service or replace most TPMS valves and components that may be used. Depending on the vehicle and the TPMS installed, the appropriate tool for servicing and replacing the valve may vary.

What It Includes

The tool kit includes all of the specialty tools that are necessary to service snap-in and clamp-in TPMS valves on most vehicles.

The tools in the kit include a present valve core torque tool, a t-10 pre-set torque tool, a t-20 pre-set torque tool, a four-sided grommet installation and removal tool, an ergonomic positioning tool with adjustable angle sensor for Alligator valves, an adjustable torque wrench in in/lbs and Newton meters, an 11 mm socket and a 12 mm socket. The tools are placed in a contoured blow molded case.

The wide variety of tools are designed to service any TPMS system that may be attached to a vehicle, including the systems that originate in Europe. Whether the system is a snap-in, clamp-in or adjustable angle Alligator valve, the tools available in the Dill 8100 Master Tool Kit can handle the mechanical, removal and installation requirements that any system may need in the future.

Every new vehicle, starting from 2008 model cars, must have a TPMS system installed for safety reasons. The Dill 8100 Tool Kit includes most of the tools that are needed to maintain the TPMS systems on vehicles from a variety of manufacturers.

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