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Branick Tire Spreader - Great Quality Tire Spreader

Posted by Beth Blysard on

Branick Tire Spreader - Great Quality Tire Spreader


Inspecting, adjusting and repairing tires is one of the most important things you do within your shop. After all, a properly repaired tire is much more reliable and less likely to cause an accident for your customers. To give tires the proper attention they need, your shop needs a good quality tire spreader.

What Does a Tire Spreader Do?

A tire spreader was developed to make it easier to inspect the tire and to move the sidewalls and beads out of the way to facilitate the tire repair process. There are both manual and pneumatic spreaders manufactured-each has distinct benefits and may work better in one environment over another.

What Are the Benefits of theBranick Tire Spreader?

A Branick tire spreader is the original and best on the market. Earl Branick manufactured the first tire spreader in 1923 and revolutionized the tire industry. While other companies now make a similar product, no one can compare with the knowledge and quality that comes with the original. Unlike cheaper brands, Branick tire spreaders are made in the USA. These quality spreaders are serviceable and adjustable to meet your needs perfectly-you won’t find this with lower-quality “made in China” brands.

What Does This Model Offer?

The BR-5120 (Branick Air Powered Tire Spreader for Passenger and LT) is a full-function tire spreader. It functions for both car and light trucks. The foot control valve makes for easy operation so you do not have to manipulate a giant lever. This hands-free operation means that your hands are freed to give all your attention to the tire itself. The Branick 5120 has a CFL bulb that emits a minimum of 200 foot candles. This meets the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) requirements for proper tire repair. This Branick spreader also includes little extras like a tool tray that make working with it even easier.

If you are considering investing in a new tire spreader, the air-powered spreader by Branick is certainly a worthy contender.

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