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American Automotive Tire Repair Supplies

Posted by Beth Blysard on

American Automotive is sold exclusively through All Tire Supply Co, American Automotive has created their strong company through the sale of tire and tube supplies to shops and garages around the globe since 1994. From bicycle tires to big OTR earthmovers, American Automotive provides you with every solution to every problem. With each product going through stringent quality testing, it is safe to say that with each order, the customer is getting a professional grade product at a fantastic price. American Automotive has the best quality tire repair supplies to offer! We supply America’s tire shops coast to coast. Want to learn more about American Automotive products? Visit https://www.alltiresupply.com/c-MFG_American_Automotive.html


American Automotive Tire Repair Supplies

Highly recommended for all off-the-road use: commercial, industrial, agricultural, and especially all ATV’s. Simply inject the proper amount in the tire (tube or tubeless) and re-inflate. Protects tire from future injuries.

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