Tire Changing Tools - TNT Golden Demount Tool Set (Contains -200M And -200D)
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Made in USA

TNT Golden Demount Tool Set (Contains TNT-200M and TNT-200D)

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Part No: TNT-200

This patented demount tire tool and specially engineered mounting tool will change your business as fast as they'll change truck tires.


  • Only one tool needed to demount and only one tool needed to mount tires.
  • Not damage beads, saving valuable casings for successful retreading.
  • Eliminate the need to lift tire and rim to remove the bottom bead, preventing possible strain or even serious injury.
  • Make tire demounting and mounting much easier.
  • Save time... a tubeless tire can be demounted in as little as eight seconds and remounted in less than 20 seconds. Super Singles may require additional time.
  • Enable some tubeless tires to be demounted and mounted without removing the wheel from the vehicle.
  • Made in USA

Product Information

  • Demount tires: 17.5 in
  • Super Singles:
  • Application: Radial and bias ply tires
  • Demounting: 445 X 22.5 tires
  • Mount all tubeless tires: 17.5 in 1

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