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PCL D10 Wall Mount Automatic Tire Inflator

PCL D10 Wall Mount Automatic Tire Inflator - Automatic Tire
application carCar
application light truckLight Truck

PCL D10 Wall Mount Automatic Tire Inflator

  • SKU: PCL-D10SS20T $795.98

Part No: PCL-D10SS20T



PCL D10 wall-mounted unit designed with gas stations in mind. The D10 offers repeatable accuracy and reduced maintenance costs.


  • Consistent, cost-effective provision of high levels of safe air inflation services
  • Strong marketing potential with modern design, bespoke graphics, and user-friendly air provision
  • Plug and play - tire inflator with three pre-selectable application modes
  • Low lifetime costs - long product life with robust design and proven electronics
  • Low and simple maintenance with excellent diagnostics
  • Customization to meet individual needs and applications
  • Guaranteed accuracy with individual testing
  • Electronic pressure preset
  • Auto start inflation
  • Clear display for easy customer usage
  • Default to safe-setting
  • Robust, high reliability and modern design with die-cast aluminum housing
  • Ceramic sensor - accuracy to +/-0.5% of the full-scale reading
  • An attractive and durable membrane with customizable graphics
  • Can inflate accurately with hoses up to 50m
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and error reporting
  • Wall mounting


Model: Forecourt
AccuracyExceeds EC Directive: 86/217 (to +/- 0.5% of full scale reading)
Reading Accuracy: 0.1 bar / 1 psi / 5 kPa / 0.1 kg/cm²
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 16bar / 232psi / 1600kPa / 16.3kg/cm²
Inflation Flow: 400 l/min (@10 bar supply)
Hose Length: 7.6m
Connection: Twin Lock-On

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