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TSI 7 Ton Truck Frame Lift - S1400M

TSI 7 Ton Truck Frame Lift - S1400M - Truck Lift
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Made in USA

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TSI 7 Ton Truck Frame Lift - S1400M

  • SKU: TSI-S1400M $3,925.00
Estimate Lead Time: Extended

Part No: TSI-S1400M



The S-1400M Universal Truck Frame Lift is a fast-action, longer-reach air lift jack specially engineered to meet the requirements of heavy-duty equipment shops. The 60 inches between the cylinder and the lift pads will let you reach under the vehicle and lift by the frame - the safest way! Anywhere an air hose will reach, you have low-cost lifting power with one-person portability. The two larger center wheels allow the S-1400M to maneuver for easy positioning. Trigger the dual-action valve to raise or lower up to 7 tons.


Max lift height: 44in
Min height: 11.5in
Max width between saddles: 46in
Dimension (L x W x H): 90 x 36 x 51in
Shipping Weight: 737 lbs


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