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Coats RC-55A Air Rim Clamp Tire Changer w/ RC Robo-Arm

Coats RC-55A Air Rim Clamp Tire Changer w/ RC Robo-Arm
application carCar
application light truckLight Truck

Coats RC-55A Air Rim Clamp Tire Changer w/ RC Robo-Arm

  • SKU: CTS-RC-55A $6,675.00
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Part No: CTS-RC-55A

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Updated for today's high-speed, general service repair shop. Dependability and reliability were proven through decades of testing. RC-55's Robo-Arm power-assist provides needed assistance on low profile and runflat tire applications. The RC-55 has 21in external clamping capability, up to 10.5in rim width, and up to 50in overall wheel diameter range. This unit is available with either an air or electric tabletop motor.


  • RC Robo-Arm: Effortlessly keeps the top bead in the drop center during mounting, allowing technicians to efficiently change difficult wheel applications, such as low-profile wheels and run-flat tires, commonly found on many OE vehicles.
  • Built-in Bead Sealing Jets: Quickly seal beads while tabletop inflation provides a faster workflow.
  • High Torque, X-Shaped Turntable: Designed for rigid perimeter support of the wheel. Pedal controls make tire mounting and dismounting easier for technicians, especially when working in high volumes.
  • Manual Swing Arm: Easily adjusted so that the Coats Duckhead Mount/Demount Tool is properly fitted to the tire rim. This will reduce the risk of damage when mounting and demounting the tire.
  • Conveniently Placed Foot Pedals: Provide precise control over every step of the changing process. The pedals are ideally placed for fluid technician movements while mounting and demounting tires.
  • Inflation Gauge: Easily and accurately inflate from 0 to 60 PSI. With a pressure limiter and easy-to-read gauge, the built-in tire inflation system ensures technician safety and prevents TPMS related comebacks.
  • Wheel Protection: Available options include Bead loosener socks, clamp booties, and lift tool protection to prevent metal-to-metal contact that causes scratching or marring.


Drive System: 1.5HP Air Motor 110-175psi, 15scfm
Rotation Speed: Variable
Operation: 1st Loosen Bead, 2nd Mount/Demount
Wheel Handled: Alloy & Steel, Car & Light Truck
Mount / Demount: Swing Arm
Tool Head Offset: Manual
Table Shape: X-Shaped
Wheel Clamping Method: Four Clamps, Air Cylinder Operated
Height of Table to Floor: 28.5in (724 mm)
Bead Loosening System: Foot-Controlled Air Cylinder (up to 10.5in wide)
Bead Lifting System: Tire Bar
Inflation Pressure Control: Limiter
Assist Arms/Tools: RC-Robo Arm
Clamps: Fixed (2 Position)
Bead Seating Reservoir: Vertical 3.4 Gal. in Tower
Inflation Gauge: 60 psi
Air Supply Gauge: 0-300 psi
Water Filter/Lubricator: Filter / Lube
Min / Max Rim External Dia.: 6in-24in
Min / Max Rim Internal Dia.: 10in-27in
Max Rim Width: 10.5in (267mm)
Max Tire Diameter: 50in (1270mm)
Chassis Footprint: 35inw x 44ind x 75inh
Weight: 620 lbs.


Tire Changer Warranty Here
Wheel Balancer Warranty Here

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