Brake Service - Sunex 6 In 150mm Dial Caliper

Sunex 6 in 150mm Dial Caliper

  • $ 56.88

Part No: SUN-6013

6 inches 150mm Dial Caliper


  • Measuring surfaces are precision ground and lapped for accuracy
  • Raised sliding surfaces prevents defacement and wear of clear, black engraved graduations
  • Graduations are photo engraved from a glass master plate for maximum accuracy
  • Jaws designed for outside, inside and step measurements
  • Extra large, shockproof dial for easy reading
  • Easy zero point re-adjustment
  • Housed in a convenient blow mold storage case
  • Hardened stainless stell throughout with satin chrome finish


  • Metric Graduations (mm) 0.05
  • SAE Graduations (in.) 0.001 1

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