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How To's — air compressor

What Type of Air Compressor Should I Buy for a Tire Repair or Automotive Garage?

Posted by Jimmy Hill on

      How will you use it? When setting up a new tire repair shop (View) or seeking to replace a compressor in an existing shop, it becomes quickly apparent that there are a lot of types of compressors to choose from. You should first think about what your intended use for the compressor is. Do you plan to put in a garage setting where it will be used frequently for multiple applications, such as tire inflation and driving pneumatic equipment, or will it be used on a mobile service truck? If you plan to use a compressor in...

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Common Sense Of Compressor Air System Maintenance

Posted by Beth Blysard on

Compressed air is probably one of the most universal operations within a plant environment. It transcends industries, operations and applications. Compressed air is used to power tools, move conveyers, transport products and make process applications possible. Considered a power source, compressed air systems are increasingly more reliable and predictable. Simply, its considered the fourth utility. Therefore, similar to electricity, disruption of the compressed air supply can cause costly production delays. With more and more companies eliminating capital budgets to purchase back-up compressed air systems, compressor downtime for repair, adjustments and maintenance becomes a critical issue. In a recent industry study,...

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