Tire Valves - Haltec Valve Extension Air/Liquid For Tr618A

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Haltec Valve Extension Air/Liquid For Tr618A

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Part No: H-TV-5905

The H-TV5905 air/ liquid valve extension is used with tractor or grader TR618A valve stems. 90 degree angle for more accessible valve. OTR and agricultural tire valves that are designed to fit special applications. Range from special hydro-inflating to straight swivel. Other application valves not available can be requested by calling into our office. Contain Single-Bend Valves, Double-Bend Valves, Triple-Bend Plus Valves, Mega Bore Valves, Super Large Bore Valves, Turret Valves, and Specialty Valves. All used for special applications where large bore is necessary.


  • OTR
  • Tractor
  • Grader

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