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Robinair Vacumaster Vacuum Pump (1.5 CFM)

A/C Service - Robinair Vacumaster Vacuum Pump (1.5 CFM)

Robinair Vacumaster Vacuum Pump (1.5 CFM)

  • SKU: ROB-15150 $ 167.96

Part No: ROB-15150


The purpose of a vacuum pump is to remove moisture and air from an A/C-R system. Modern systems are built tighter and charges are more critical. That means these systems have a greater sensitivity to moisture and other contaminants, making thorough evacuation more important than ever before. Moisture in a refrigeration system, directly or indirectly, is the cause of most problems and complaints. First, moisture can cause freeze-up in a system. Moisture is picked up by the refrigerant and transported through the refrigerant line in a fine mist, with ice crystals forming at the point of expansion. 'Freeze Up' is not the only problem caused by moisture. It can also result in corrosion, the effects of which are not apparent until the real damage has occurred. Moisture alone is bad enough, but combined with refrigerants containing chlorine, hydrochloric acids can form. These greatly increase the corrosion of metals. Also, refrigerant oil rapidly absorbs moisture. Water-formed acids combine with the refrigerant, forming a closely bonded mixture of fine globules. The effect is called slugging and it greatly reduces the lubricating ability of the oil. A vacuum pump removes troublesome moisture by lowering the pressure within the system and vaporizing (or boiling off) the moisture, the exhausting it along with air.

Product Information

  • Free displacement: 1.5 cfm
  • Factory micron rating: 50 microns
  • No. of stages: 2
  • Intake fitting: 1/4 in mfl, 3/8 in mfl, 3/8 in ffl x 1/2 in acme adptr
  • Oil capacity: 7.5 oz. (220 ml)
  • Motor size: 1/4 hp
  • Voltage: 115v 60hz
  • Approvals: UL
  • Dimensions: 9.5 in h x 4.5 in w x 12.5 in l (240 mm x 120 mm x 315 mm) 1

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