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TSI 350B Back Buddy II - Brake Service Tool

TSI 350B Back Buddy II - Brake Service Tool - Brake Service
Made in USA

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TSI 350B Back Buddy II - Brake Service Tool

  • SKU: TSI-350B-2017 $2,333.92

Part No: TSI-350B-2017



TSI 350B Back Buddy II will make brake jobs easier and more profitable. This versatile tool was designed to prevent injuries from awkward lifting and keep workers' comp rates down. The Back Buddy II rolls under and bolts onto the heavy drum and hub assembly, then handily rolls the assembly out and lays it over for servicing. Re-assembly is quick and precise because the Back Buddy II angles for perfect hub alignment, eliminating seal damage and costly fixes. The Back Buddy II handles all hub and drum assemblies with Universal Receiver and Adapter Sets. A simple change of adapters transforms the tool in seconds from inboard to outboard application.


Weight: 135 lbs
Dimensions: 40 × 36 × 40 in

Standard Adapters:
TSI-6069 - MKA2/2HD: Interchangeable left or right. Adapters connect directly to studs, 10 stud inboard hubs. Studs 335 mm on center.
TSI-6073 - MKA3/3HD: One right and one left. Adapters connect directly to the brake drum, 10 stud outboard hubs. Studs 11.25in on center, 3/4in hub backplate thickness.

Optional Adapters:
TSI 6071 - MKA4: 5 spoke hub and drum. The same adapters are inverted for use on a 6 spoke hub and drum.
TSI 6074 - MKA5: 8 stud inboard hub. Studs 275mm on center.
TSI 6075 - MKA6: 8 stud outboard drum. Studs 275 mm on center with 1 /2in hub backplate thickness.
TSI 6076 - MKA7: 6 stud inboard hub. Studs 8 3/4in on the center.
TSI 6077 - MKA8: 6 hole outboard drum. Studs are 8 3/4in on center with 1 /2in hub backplate thickness.
TSI 6067 - MKHMV: 8 stud inboard hubs. Studs are 6 1 /2in on center for Hummer/Humvee geared hubs.

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