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Tire Sipers - TSI Tire Sip Machine

TSI Tire Sip Machine

  • $ 6,365.25

Part No: TSI-SP

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Designed exclusively for passenger car and light truck tires, the SP Siper is priced to fit a smaller budget. No accessories are required making this unit perfect for many applications. Designed to accommodate mounted tires the SP Siper is built to last, giving many years of dependable service. It's easy to operate with training provided. It's fast; the process takes only 3 to 4 minutes per tire to perform. Most tires can be Siped! Drivers everywhere are asking for siping because it's proven ability to increase overall tire performance. If you are not offering tire siping you're losing money and possibly customers.

Product Information

  • Diameter: 38 in length x 45 in width x 53 in height 1

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