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Gaither 1 Gal Supper Slick 'Em Tire Lubricant - 12904

Tire Repair Supplies - Gaither Supper Slick ''Em Non-Water Based Tire Lubricant (1Gal)

Gaither 1 Gal Supper Slick 'Em Tire Lubricant - 12904

  • SKU: GTC-12904 $20.00

Part No: GTC-12904



Gaither's Super Slick'em should be applied to all tires before being mounted or before deflation if being dismounted.

Super Slick'em is a special non-water based lubricant that penetrates and aids in breaking the tire bead from the wheel by eating away rust and grease. Because it does not contain any water, Super Slick'em will not freeze or cause rust to form.

How it works: Gaither's Super Slick'em is the ideal lubricant for mounting and dismounting tubeless truck tires. It is a non-water based lubricant that will not freeze or cause future rusting. Super Slick'em is easy to use: Apply a fine amount of Slick'em completely around the bead of the tire before the air is released. Then remove the valve core. By removing the core after Super Slick'em is applied, a natural vacuum forms and allows the lubricant to penetrate further between the tire and wheel. After the air is completely released from the tire, most beads will break without the use of a hammer. However, it may be necessary to use the Wedge or the Boa Constrictor to finish breaking the bead on older or very stiff tires.


  • This product will not Freeze
  • Will not cause rust to Form


Size: 1 Gal Bottle

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