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Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Sensor Saver Refill Kit

TPMS Service - Ken-Tool ReCore TPMS Sensor Saver Refill Kit
Made in USA

Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Sensor Saver Refill Kit

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Part No: KEN-29981



reCore TPMS Sensor Saver Refill Kit: Extends the life of broken TPMS sensors when galvanic corrosion has damaged the valve stem and core-no need to replace the entire TPMS unit. Saves time for the shop and for the customer - TPMS sensors can be repaired on the vehicle without having to dismount the wheel or tire.


  • Precision machined Sensor Saver and caps are made from high-quality nickel-plated brass with a nickel-plated TPMS valve core that will not cause galvanic corrosion; valve cores are pre-torqued to 4-inch-lbs.
  • Professional-grade USA high-speed carbon steel dual cutter drill bit and premium German- made tap make the job go quickly. The specially designed drill cuts aluminum valve stems cleanly and efficiently.
  • Included O-ring and professional-grade Ken- Lok thread sealant ensure an airtight and secure seal.
  • The custom-made blow molded case holds all components and tools securely.
  • 25-pc reCore refill packs include a new tap.
  • Includes 25 TPMS Sensor, Savers plus a fresh Tap
  • No wheel rebalancing required - reCore Replacement Valve adds less than 1-4 ounce to the tire.
  • It takes only 10-15 minutes to install.

WARNING: California Proposition 65 - Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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