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Amermac 1200R Racing Truer

Amermac 1200R Racing Truer
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Amermac 1200R Racing Truer

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Part No: TSI-1200R



The Amemac 1200R Tire Truer is designed for all tire applications. The 1200R produces a flat cut surface or the unit can be adjusted to cut on a camber and can produce a camber cut of up to 5 degrees. The 1200R comes with A1 - A6 adapter set and is capable of shaving a tire up to 18in wide and wheels sizes up to 24.5in. Tire truing is a process in which you "shave" some of the rubber off your tires to make them as round as possible while providing you with better handling.


  • Removes tread rubber and reduces tire weight by several pounds.
  • A shaved tire's tread profile will usually result in a slight increase in the width of the tire's contact patch, putting a little more rubber on the road.
  • Shallower tread depths reduce the tire's slip angle, increasing its responsiveness and cornering power by minimizing tread block squirm.
  • Minimizing tread block squirm also reduces heat buildup and the risk of making the tire go "off" by overheating its tread compound.


  • Built and designed for low maintenance operation
  • Ball bearing blade motor with fixed shaft prevents tire gouging
  • Rotary stone blade sharpening system
  • Minimum set up time needed for fast one person operation
  • Simple master control panel designed for easy operator use
  • Adjustable work light
  • Other adapter plates are available to fit most wheel lug patterns
  • Optional Air Jack Wheel Lifting Ramp available
  • 60 hz., 110-115 V. Single Phase


HZ: 60 hz.
Power: 110-115 V.
Phase: Single Phase
Weight: 495 lbs
Diameter: 53 x 48 x 54in

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