Brake Service - Ken-Tool Pro Super Hub Shark System
Made in USA

Ken-Tool Pro Super Hub Shark System

  • $ 486.61
  • Save $ 29.20

Part No: KEN-7326

Replace the front wheel bearings on front wheel drive vehicles without removing the steering knuckle from the vehicle - in about 20 minutes per wheel. Includes everything you need to do the job!


  • Keep more jobs in house - don't send bearings out to be machine pressed
  • Save time and money with reduced down time
  • Pull and press any hub or bearing on domestic and import vehicles
  • Pull inner bearing race from the hub
  • Done completely on vehicle - no need to remove the knuckle assembly and re-align the front end
  • Always be sure the center screw thread is clean and well lubricated
  • Always wear safety goggles
  • Made in USA

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