Tire Vulcanizers - LMC Model ERV Envelope Repair Tire Vulcanizer

LMC Model ERV Envelope Repair Tire Vulcanizer

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Part No: LMC-T148

Model ERV Envelope Repair Tire Vulcanizer


  • Saves expensive replacement costs.
  • Patented air-driven silicone rubber piston pad provides totally even pressure, resulting in a smooth, feathered patch.
  • Built-in timer turns off heat, air flow and electricity for total unattended shutdown.
  • Current indicator lamp.
  • Manually adjustable air regulator and gauge are factory prest to 50 psi.
  • Bench - mount bracket included.
  • Circuit breaker.
  • Available in 120V or 240V

Product Information

  • Curing head size: 6 in
  • No. curing heads: 1 ea.
  • No. curing heads: 1 ea.
  • Throat depth: 14-1/2 in 1


  • T032: One Hour Timer
  • T063: Silicone Rubber air seal (6 in Dia.)
  • T119: Air Regulator
  • T143: Lower Heat Unit (Includes T157, T125)
  • T144: Silicone Rubber Pad (6 in Dia.)
  • T157: B200 Thermostat 6 in
  • T196: Frame
  • T197: Flexible air tube (with fitting)
  • T198: Rigid air tube (with fitting)
  • T199: Steel air cylinder
  • T200: Hand-wheel and pressure screw
  • T220: Pilot Light
  • T274: Humphrey Valve
  • T280: Panel Mount Air Gauge
  • T281: Circuit Breaker
  • T125: Element for 4 in HU

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