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Tire Vulcanizers - LMC Model 400B Truck Vulcanizer

LMC Model 400B Truck Vulcanizer

  • $ 247.25
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Part No: LMC-T006

Model 400B Truck Vulcanizer


  • Tubular steel frame reduces unit weight from 18# to 12#.
  • Faster travel, Acme Thread handwheel screw
  • Larger capacity frame allows repairs in tires thru 12:00 cross section.
  • High-performance heat units feature platen mounted preset (European approved) thermostats which reduce the heat-up time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.

Product Information

  • Throat depth: 6-14/4 in
  • Throat height A: 9-3/4 in
  • Throat height B: 15-3/8 in
  • Curing heads: (2) 3-5/16 in Dia (115V. Or 230V.)


  • T118: Frame
  • T129: Mounting bracket
  • T039: Upper heat unit
  • T038: Lower heat unit
  • T115: Pressure Screw
  • T123: Thermostat for 3 in HU
  • T124: Element for 3 in HU

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