Tire Vulcanizers - LMC Model 300 Passenger Tire Vulcanizers (Tread-Areas Repair Made Easy)

LMC Model 300 Passenger Tire Vulcanizers (Tread-Areas Repair Made Easy)

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Part No: LMC-T005

Now you can repair nail holes and other punctures in passenger tires the professional way - with heat. Unit flows repair rubber through the injury to protect cord and steel belts from moisture and contamination.


  • Accommodates passenger-size tube and tubeless tires.
  • Thermostatically controlled heat unit reaches operating temperature quickly and maintains it evenly.
  • Bench-mount or portable.
  • Available in 120V or 240V

Product Information

  • Shipping Volume: 0.35 cu. Ft.
  • Curing Head Size: 3-5/16 in
  • No. Curing Head: 1ea.
  • Throat Depth: 4 in
  • Throat height: 8-1/4 in 1


  • T037: Top pressure plate
  • T038: Heat unit, fixed
  • T099: Rubber Pad
  • T114: Pressure Screw
  • T170: Frame
  • T171: Mounting bracket
  • T123: Thermostat for 3 in HU
  • T124: Element for 3 in HU

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