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LMC Model 2000 Air-Operated Truck Tire Vulcanizer

Tire Vulcanizers - LMC Model 2000 Air-Operated Truck Tire Vulcanizer

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LMC Model 2000 Air-Operated Truck Tire Vulcanizer

  • SKU: LMC-T026 $2,709.95

Part No: LMC-T026



Model 2000 is the only spotter in the market that handles tread, shoulder, and sidewall repairs on all kinds of tires-from low profile to super singles. It will handle future tire sizes by simply changing contour plates.


  • Patented piston/pad system for expert repairs - even by novice operators.
  • Inside - outside heat system.
  • Spring-loaded mechanical pressure, with solid heat units for tread and shoulder repairs.
  • No expensive airbags to replace - air system replacement costs, on average, less than 30 cents per cure.
  • Optional large-capacity Model TS stand (T033) supports both tire and vulcanizer with dual 16in rollers for easy tire rotation.
  • Optional plate package (T156) contains 9 plates, T086, T087, T130, T131, T132, T133, T134, T135, T136 which fit Vulcanizer 2000 (T026)
  • Available in 120 volts or 240 volt


Curing head size: 6 in
No. curing heads: 3 ea.
Throat depth: 11-1/2 in
Throat height: 24-1/2 in.


T057: Contoured silicone rubber heat pad (6 in diameter) with electrical connection
T060: Solid heat units
T063: Silicone rubber air seal (6 in diameter)
T064: Steel air cylinder with a contoured lip
T121: Detachable electrical cord for T057
T032: 1 Hour Timer
T192: Detent Pin
T227: Plunger
T228: Spring
T229: Extension shaft
T239: Frame
T240: Telescoping assembly
T277: Air hose with 2 fittings
T119: Air regulator
T220: Pilot Light
T241: Air hose w/fitting
T274: Humphrey Valve
T280: Panel Mount Air Gauge
T281: Circuit Breaker
T145: Thermostat for 4 in HU
T125: Element for 4 in HU

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