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LMC Model 1400 Tractor Small Air Vulcanizer

Tire Vulcanizers - LMC Model 1400 Tracotor Small Air Vulcanizer
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LMC Model 1400 Tractor Small Air Vulcanizer

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Part No: LMC-T018



Model 1400 Tractor Small Air Vulcanizer


  • Air-regulated pressure takes the guesswork out of how much pressure to apply. Flexible silicone.
  • Capable of curing a 3-1/2in spot or section repair plug in one cure.
  • It can be used in multiple cure fashion to achieve repairs larger than 3-1/2in.
  • Controlled temperature 4in dia. Heat pad conforms to tire contour and applies even pressure over the entire repair area, capturing and curing repair rubber.
  • Not an airbag - this is a flexible silicone rubber heat pad contained in a cylinder and driven by air pressure.
  • Long-life silicone rubber heat pad. Test units have exceeded 1000 hours of use.
  • Frame-mounted air regulator set to operate to 65 lbs psi assures adequate even pressure throughout the cure cycle. A rugged frame bracket protects the regulator.
  • The perfect spotter for large tractors and small off-the-road tires and also makes excellent truck repairs.
  • Available in 120 volts or 240 volts.


Throat depth: 14-1/2 in
Throat Height: 16 in


T183: Model 1400 frame
T039: Upper swivel heat unit (3-5/16 in diameter)
T051: Silicone rubber flat heat pad (4 in diameter) with electrical connection.
T062: 4 in silicone rubber air seal
T065: Steel air cylinder with contoured lip
T184: Telescoping pressure screw assembly (lower)
T119: Air regulator (preset to 65 lbs.)
T120: Gauge for regulator
T071: Air hose from regulator to cylinder
T121: Detachable electric cord for heat pad
T115: Handwheel adjusting screw (upper)
T174: Nut for adjusting screw
T175: Compression spring
T176: Fiber rod
T123: Thermostat for 3 in HU
T124: Element for 3 in HU

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