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Air Tools - IR Lubricator 1/4 In Female NPT

IR Lubricator 1/4 in Female NPT

  • $ 56.80

Part No: IR-L36221-110

IR fog-type lubricators help ensure that air equipment receives the required lubrication to maintain optimum performance, reduce wear, and extend life. They are designed to provide the correct amount of oil, with a constant ratio to CFM. Precise oil feed adjustment allows the proper oil delivery rate. Lubricators should be installed close to the downstream application to ensure effective distribution oil to the equipment.

Product Information

  • Style: 1/4 in Female NPT - lubricator
  • Flow Rate: 75 scfm
  • Adj. Pres. Range: N / A
  • Bowl Size: 6 oz.
  • Bowl Type: Metal 1

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