TSI High Speed Sip Machine

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Part No: TSI-ST

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The ST Saf-Tee Siper can sipe any tire from 12 inch to 24.5 inch with the adapters available. It's easy to operate and training is provided. Its fast: the process takes only 3 to 4 minutes per tire to perform. Any type of tire can be siped - new, re-cap, or used - as long as it has 5/32 inch of tread left. Twelve cutting blades are furnished with the ST, along with four lead screws for siping depths of 5/32 inch, 7/32 inch, 9/32 inch and 11/32 inch, a file, and a wrench for switching lead screws. Drivers everywhere are asking for tire siping because it's proven ability to increase overall tire performance. If you are not offering tire siping you're losing money and possibly customers.

Product Information

  • Diameter: 36 in length x 56 in weight x 54 in height 1

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