Esco Balancing Beads 17.6 lbs. Bucket

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Part No: ESC-20466

Thousands of uniquely designed Beads that shape to the tire, Balancing the Tire Internally. ESCO Tire Balancing Beads disperse evenly throughout the Wheel creating a consistent Balance. 17.6 lb Bulk order of ESCO TIRE BALANCING BEADS; great for tire repair shops. Comes with conversion chart and scooper.


  • EASY installation
  • Single bag per wheel
  • Beads are static free and roll freely to keep tires balanced as the tire naturally matures
  • ESCO Tire Balancing Beads are reusable
  • Can be used in both Automotive and Truck Tires
  • Will Not Clump up or Clog Valve Stems

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