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Ken-Tool 30165 Dual Wheel Stud Remover (Ea)

Ken-Tool 30165 Dual Wheel Stud Remover (Ea)
application heavy duty truckHeavy Truck
application trailerTrailer
Made in USA

Ken-Tool 30165 Dual Wheel Stud Remover (Ea)

  • SKU: KEN-30165 $65.34

Part No: KEN-30165



The dual wheel stud remover is used to remove the 13/16 inch flanged square drive inner cap nuts, which secure the inside dual wheels on trucks and trailers. Frequently the square head becomes stripped making it impossible to remove with sockets or wrenches.

To use this 30165 stud remover, simply drive the stud remover over the 1- 1/8 inch threads of the inner cap nut with a soft-faced non-metal dead blow hammer. A series of heat-treated self-tapping splines cut into the threads of the cap nut. Use a standard 1-1/2 inch socket or wrench to unscrew the stripped inner cap nut. After removal, the stripped cap nut may be forced out of the 30165 socket with a punch or drift pin inserted through the hole in the back of the socket.


  • Self-tapping splines provide maximum grip to remove stripped lug studs
  • Use with TR1, TR98 truck wrenches
  • Can also be used with an open wrench
  • Use with a soft faced hammer
  • Fits 13/16in square inner nut


Dimensions: 3.2in x 1.6in x 1.3in
Weight: 12 ounces
Qty: Each

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