Tire Valves - AA Double Seal Cap - Inflate Thru Valve Cap (50/Box)

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AA Double Seal Cap - Inflate Thru Valve Cap

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'THE REAL GATOR DOUBLE SEAL CAP' The Double Seal Valve Cap eliminates bruised knuckles or removing of the valve caps in bad weather. Inflate, deflate and gauge directly through the cap. Designed for high pressure truck tire service, the Double Seal Cap seals like a high-pressure, high temperature cap, yet offers the convenience of an inflate-thru design. 100% Tested before leaving the factory. Get the 'BEST', the standard of the industry for more than 25 years. It's estimated it takes 20 minutes to check the air pressure on tractor trailer tires when each cap is removed and replaced. Since the Double Seal Cap allows gauging and inflating without removing, it pays for it self the first time it's used. Double seal valve caps are used on trucks and trailers where a quick fill is preferred. Manufactured to meet all the top standards, these caps will suit professional needs in all applications. Contain valve service tools and accessories like double seal valve cap, replacement rubber grommet, rim spuds, valve caps, valve core, valve extensions and valve tools.


  • Fast Air Checks
  • No Lost Caps
  • Inflate, deflate, and gauge directly through the cap

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