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Tire Vulcanizers - LMC Contour Plate Set For Model LT (T016)

LMC Contour Plate Set For Model LT (T016)

  • $ 225.30

Part No: LMC-T153

Contour plates are necessary to adapt the flat surface of the heat units to a contoured, curved surface that matches the tire contour more closely. LMC offers contour plates in both 4 inch and 5 inch round for passenger and truck tires. The tractor plates are retangular to fit tread and shoulder areas on tractor tires. LMC contour plate package for light truck vulcanizer model LT. (T016).


  • T078: 4 in shoulder contour plate
  • T079: 4 in inside contour plate
  • T080: 4 in outside contour plate
  • T093: 4 in cushioned inside plate

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