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IR Combination Over/Under Filters-Regulators 3/8 in Female NPT

Air Tools - IR Combination Over/Under Filters-Regulators 3/8 In Female NPT

IR Combination Over/Under Filters-Regulators 3/8 in Female NPT

  • SKU: IR-P39334-610 $79.80

Part No: IR-P39334-610


Filters - IR compressed air filters are designed to remove airborned solid and liquid contaminants for which can plug small orfices and affect performance, or cause excessive wear and premature equipment failure. Several types of filters are offered, including models with coalescing elements for removal of oil aerosols and particles down to.3 micron.Regulator - IR air line regulators provide controlled, consistent air pressure as required for specific air equipment connected to the air system. They are designed to deliver the pressure you need, with precise control over outlet pressure. They help maintain relative torque and speed control, and also conserve compressed air.

Product Information

  • Style: 3/8" Female NPT - combination over/under filter-regulator
  • Flow Rate: 135 scfm
  • Adj. Pres. Range: 5 - 125 PSIG
  • Bowl Capacity: 6.0 oz.
  • Bowl Type: Metal 1

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