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Champion R-40A Air Compressor Pump (2 Stage)

Champion R-40A Air Compressor Pump (2 Stage)

Champion R-40A Air Compressor Pump (2 Stage)

  • SKU: R2-30A-R-40A From $5,054.41

Part No: R2-30A-R-40A



Champion R-Series R-40A Air Compressor Pumps are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications. Die-cast aluminum cylinders with cast-iron sleeves for greater efficiency, cooling, and service life. Pumps are splash lubricated. Balanced, fan-type flywheels provide airflow for a cooling pump with rotating CCW facing Flywheel. Intercoolers efficiently dissipate heat. Include unloader and pilot valve for constant speed operation. Centrifugal unloader provides efficient pressure release for loadless starting. This pump is for gas powered compressors or compressors with dual control option for continuous run capability.


  • Integral Cylinder/Head: No Head Gasket to Blow
  • Large Diameter Intercooler Finned Tubes: Max Efficiency
  • High Flow Disc & Spring Valves: Low Lift Long Life
  • Tapered Roller-Type Main Bearing: Longest Life
  • Automotive Type Inlet Filter: Easy to Service
  • Oil Sight Glass: Easy to Check Oil Level in the Two-Stage Compressor Pump
  • Pressure Relief Valves: Intercooler & Discharge
  • This air compressor pump features a centrifugal unloader for loadless starts.
  • 1 Year warranty when used as a replacement.


Hp Range: 15
Max PSIG: 175
Cfm Range: 53.7-59.0
Stages: 2
CF Disp Per Rev: 0.08
Rpm Range: 770-890
Bore IP (In): 6-1/4
Bore HP (In): 3-1/4
Stroke (In): 4-1/2
Cylinders: 2
Lubrication: Splash
Oil Capacity Qt: 4
Discharge Opening: 1in Tubing
Flywheel Dia (In): 22
Bolt-down Width (In): 5-11/16
Bolt-down Depth (In): 10
Height (In): 32
Depth (In): 28
Width (In): 30
Weight: 440 lbs


Head Unloaders
Low Oil Stop Control
High Temp Switch

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