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Tire Valves - Haltec Ch-8 Core Housing Complete With Core And Hex Valve Cap

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Haltec Ch-8 Core Housing Complete with Core and Hex Valve Cap

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Part No: H-R-520

The R-520 is designated at Tire and Rim as the CH-8. It is an integral part of the system as the CH-8 is removed from the valve assembly with the Haltec IN-80A adapter to utilize the larger opening and the fullest flow. OTR and agricultural tire valves that are designed to fit special applications. Range from special hydro-inflating to straight swivel. Other application valves not available can be requested by calling into our office. Contain Single-Bend Valves, Double-Bend Valves, Triple-Bend Plus Valves, Mega Bore Valves, Super Large Bore Valves, Turret Valves, and Specialty Valves. All used for special applications where large bore is necessary.


  • Super Large Bore Valve Systems


  • A-127 O-Ring
  • Core Housing

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