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Coats Centering Cone (28mm Shaft)

Tire Balancers - Coats Centering Cone (28mm Shaft)

Coats Centering Cone (28mm Shaft)

  • SKU: CTS-1144441 $189.66

Part No: CTS-1144441


Precision handling, precise steering and the sensitivity of today's vehicle suspension systems has increased the need for precision balancing in combating vibration or steering nibble complaints. A precision balance job can be degraded when standard balancer accessories do not fit the wheel as precisely as possible. Together, Coats and Ford Engineering have developed an Ultra Low Angle (ULA) 3 Deg. Cone and Fixed Finger Plate to be used specifically on 2004- 2006 F150, 2003-2006 Expedition and Navigator. This new dedicated tooling will improve the mechanical repeatability for runout and balance when mounting tire and wheel assemblies on any service balancer with a 40 mm or 28mm diameter shaft. Mechanical repeatability is different from calibration. It is the apparent change in balance or runout when an assembly is first balanced or checked for runout and then removed and rebalanced again. This repeatability can be degraded when the standard balancer accessories do not fit the wheel as precisely as possible. Repeatability is also affected when the balancer shaft or accessories have excessive wear, therefore, periodic inspection of balancing equipment is strongly recommended. The new Coats ULA 3 Deg. Centering Cone combined with the Fixed Finger Plate 12b (135mm; 40mm shaft) or 12a (135mm; 28mm shaft). are specifically designed to be used together on 2004-2006 F150, 2003-2006 Expedition and Navigator wheels. They will improve the quality of any 'regular' balance job for the listed vehicles and in addition will improve your chances of success when troubleshooting a vibration or steering nibble complaint vehicle.


  • 2003-2006 Expedition and Navigator
  • 2004-2006 F-150

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