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Bartec 40 Rite-Sensors Bundle w/ One FREE TechRITEPro TPMS Tool

Bartec 40 Rite-Sensors Bundle w/ One FREE TechRITEPro TPMS
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Made in UK

Bartec 40 Rite-Sensors Bundle w/ One FREE TechRITEPro TPMS Tool

  • SKU: BTC-TRP100-RS40B $985.00
  • Save $935.00

Part No: BTC-TRP100-RS40B

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Buy One bulk bag of 40 Rite-Sensors and get a TechRITEpro!

TechRITEPro: The newest TPMS innovation from Bartec is the TechRitePro The TechRitePro combines high-powered functionality with incredible affordability. The "TRP" is an easy-to-use TPMS Diagnostic, TPMS Relearn, and Rite-Sensor programming. This tool requires TPMS Desktop to be downloaded and installed on a PC or Laptop.

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TechRITEPro Features:

  • High-Resolution Color Display
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Long-Lasting, Rechargeable Battery
  • Removable/Replaceable Battery
  • Improved LF Signal and UHF Detection
  • Faster Tool Response and Operation
  • Heavy Duty OBDII Cable/Connector
  • 1 Year Warranty / 1 Year's Software

Rite-Sensor Features:

  • Only Rite-Sensor features Rite-Sync Technology
  • Configures in less than 3 seconds
  • Programs & Updates in less than 10 seconds
  • Dual Frequency 315 MHz and 433 MHz
  • 97%, Single SKU Application Coverage
  • Comes with BOTH Rubber and Clamp In Valve Stem
  • Programs with Bartec TPMS Tools
  • Programs in free space or assembled in the wheel
  • The programming process is directed by the tool
  • Complete offering including replacement valves and service kits
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

TechRITEPro Specs:

Display: 2.8in High-Resolution Color
Battery: 2.3Ah LiPo
Dimensions: 8in tall x 4in wide x 1.5in deep
Weight: 13.5 ounces
Enclosure: Rugged and Ergonomic
Vehicle Connection: Wired/OBDII, J1692 connector both ends
Languages: English, French, and Spanish
Compliance: FCC and IC Approved
Qty: One Unit

Rite-Sensors Specs:

Stem System: Rubber Snap-in
Frequency: 315/433 Mhz
Qty: Bag of 40


1 x TechRitePro Tool
40 x Rite-sensors

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