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AA OTR Tire Mounting Ring, O-Ring (20" - 51" Rim) / (Pair)

AA OTR Tire Mounting Ring O-Ring (20 - 49 Rim) / (Pair) - 20
application earthmoverEarth Mover
application graderGrader
application trailerTrailer
Made in USA

AA OTR Tire Mounting Ring, O-Ring (20" - 51" Rim) / (Pair)

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Part No: 47-121T

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Rod Dia.
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Looking for a reliable and consistent solution to seal your multi-piece rims? Look no further than the AA O-Ring. This O-Ring is specifically engineered for Earthmover, Grader, and Highway JM rims, and is crafted from top-tier materials to guarantee precision and reliability. With the AA O-Ring, you can elevate your peace of mind and unlock peak performance.


  • High-quality AA O-Ring for multi-piece rim sealing.
  • Meets major OEM specs for Earthmover, Grader, and JM rims.
  • Sonic-welded spliced design for secure sealing.
  • Durable material ensures a tight, reliable seal.
  • Easy installation for hassle-free use.
  • Sizes available from 20" to 51".
  • Boost safety and performance in heavy-duty tire applications.


Qty: Pair

47-121T - 21in Rim (3/8in Rod Dia.)
47-25T - 25in Rim (1/4in Rod Dia.)
47-125T - 25in Rim (3/8in Rod Dia.)
47-129T - 29in Rim (3/8in Rod Dia.)
47-133T - 33in Rim (3/8in Rod Dia.)
47-135E - 35in Rim (3/8in Rod Dia.)
47-139T - 39in Rim (3/8in Rod Dia.)
47-143T - 43in Rim (3/8in Rod Dia.)
47-145T - 45in Rim (3/8in Rod Dia.)
47-149T - 49in Rim (3/8in Rod Dia.)
47-151T - 51in Rim (1/2in Rod Dia.)

47-120TG - 20in Rim (1/4in Rod Dia.)
47-124TG - 24in Rim (1/4in Rod Dia.)

Highway - JM
47-20JM - 20in Rim (1/4in Rod Dia.)
47-22JM - 22in Rim (1/4in Rod Dia.)
47-24JM - 24in Rim (1/4in Rod Dia.)

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Multi-Piece Rim

Tire Type
Highway JM tires

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