Tire Valves - Milton 4-in-1 Valve Repair Tool

Milton 4-in-1 Valve Repair Tool

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Part No: M-S445

This 4 in 1 valve tool is used for rethreading inside and outside of valve stems,insertion or removal of valve cores. Allows removal of valve cores even if shoulders are broken. Valve tools for repair, replacement, core removal, and more. Everything you need in order to ensure a professional job everytime. Contain valve service tools and accessories like double seal valve cap, replacement rubber grommet, rim spuds, valve caps, valve core, valve extensions and valve tools.


  • For removal, insert, and rethreading
  • Allows removal of valve cores (even if shoulders are broken)
  • Steel plated

Product Information

  • Tap size: .2108-36 1


  • Valve Service

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