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Coats Clamps Upgrade Kit

Tire Changer - Coats Clamps Upgrade Kit
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Coats Clamps Upgrade Kit

  • SKU: CTS-5009943 $3,033.34

Part No: CTS-5009943


Allows Older Tire Changers to More Easily HandleLow Profile, Run Flat Tires. The new Coats Robo-Arm upgrade kit makes han-dling tough tires fast and easy for many older model 'Rim Clamp' tire changers. The Coats Robo-Arm upgrade kit fits Coats 5000 and6000 Series tire changers (except models 5030 and5070), providing extra power and leverage for chan-ging run flat and low profile tires. The kit can be ins-talled by an authorized Coats Service Center or by theshop, instantly adding capability and changing produ-ctivity. The Coats Robo-Arm can be used to assist in top beadmounting of stiff sidewall, low profile, and run-flat tires.It presses the tire sidewall down to help insert lift tool,and can be used to hold tires in the 'up' position to re-duce effort in second bead removal. The Coats Robo-Arm holds bead in drop center position to relieve theforce required to lift bead onto the duckhead, and pus-hes the wheel down on stiff sidewall tires to assist in wh-eel clamping. A manual bead roller, which bolts onto the standardduckhead arm of the tire changer, is part of the kit. Itpulls down to provide extra power for mounting whenneeded. (The bead roller can also be purchased sepa-rately from the rest of the kit.).

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