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Milton S-576A Pro Analog Pistol Grip Inflator Gauge, 15" Hose / 160 PSI

Milton S-576A Pro Analog Pistol Grip Inflator Gauge 15 Hose
Made in USA

Milton S-576A Pro Analog Pistol Grip Inflator Gauge, 15" Hose / 160 PSI

  • SKU: M-S576A $104.71

Part No: M-S576A



There is no need to worry about batteries with this analog inflator gauge, filled with liquid (silicone oil) that provides optimal accuracy, pressure spike prevention, and a cushioned tick to optimize the lifespan of the mechanical parts inside the gauge. This also has a deflate button for when you overshoot the pressure. It comes with a 15-inch hose and a Dual Head Chuck for greater accessibility with less hassle. The dial gauge is fitted with a rubber boot which protects it from corrosion, impacts, and shocks.


  • No need to worry about batteries with this durable analog inflator gauge!
  • Protective rubber boot to shield against impacts. - The comfort molded nylon handle with the coating is incredibly durable and ergonomic.
  • Steel inflator trigger with separate brass deflation button for quick fine-tuning if you go past your target pressure.
  • Solid brass fittings provide long-lasting performance, with 1/4in NPT female air inlet (Milton 727 plug is recommended).


  • Accurate: Liquid gauge measures in PSI (0-160) and Bar (0-11). Meets ANSI/ASME B40.1 standards.
  • Why Liquid? Absorbs vibration/pressure spikes, reduces wear, and is better in corrosive environments.
  • Easy Handling: Durable/ergonomic grip. Quick fine-tuning in case you exceed the target pressure.
  • 6in Dual Foot Chuck with the 360-degree swivel and 15in hose easily reaches into duallys.
  • Solid Brass Fittings: Long-lasting performance, 1/4in NPT (F) air inlet. Milton 727 plug recommended.


Resolution: 2 PSI
Diameter: 2.75in
Units of measure: PSI (0-160), Bar (0-11)
Liquid filled: silicone-based oil Handle: reinforced coated nylon
Trigger: plated steel with PVC grip
Fittings and deflate button: solid brass
Packaged dimensions: 14.4 x 6.8 x 1.8 (L x W x H)
Hose: 1/4in ID x 15in EPDM rubber w/ brass fittings
Operating temperature: -4 to +158 degrees F (-20 to +70 C)
Air inlet: 1/4in NPT female (Milton 727 plug sold separately)
NPT thread size: 1/4in Female NPT
Thread Size: 1/4in - 18 NPT
Hose length: 15in Hose
Height: 1.60in
Width: 4.60in
Length: 9.90in
PSI range: 0 to 160 PSI
Material Type: Brass
Rubber boot: Yes (Protective Rubber Boot for Dial)
Deflator valve included: Yes
L (Pkg): 14.38in
W (Pkg): 6.8in
H (Pkg): 1.75in


1 x Analog inflator gauge with rugged comfort-grip handle
1 x Shock-resistant protective rubber boot
1 x Deflate button
1 x 15-inches hose
1 x Dual Angle Chuck

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