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Omega 1/2" Dr. Adjustable T-Handle Speed Wrench, 4 Positions - 83007

Omega 1/2 Dr. Adjustable T-Handle Speed Wrench 4 Positions -

Omega 1/2" Dr. Adjustable T-Handle Speed Wrench, 4 Positions - 83007

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Part No: OME-83007



Looking for a versatile, durable, and ergonomic tool that can handle professional-grade performance? Look no further than the Omega PRO 83007 1/2" Drive Adjustable T-Handle Speed Wrench. With four adjustable positions, this wrench can adapt to any task you throw at it. The T-handle design provides comfortable and precise control, while the speed wrench mechanism enables rapid adjustments - perfect for when you're short on time. Made from robust materials, this wrench is built to last. Whether you're doing automotive maintenance or mechanical repairs, this tool will get the job done. Achieve precise torque control effortlessly and elevate your toolkit with this dependable, high-performance companion.


  • Pro-grade Omega 83007 T-Handle Speed Wrench: versatile, durable, ergonomic, efficient.
  • 4 adjustable positions adapt to various tasks for enhanced control.
  • T-handle design ensures ergonomic comfort and precise torque application.
  • Speed wrench mechanism for quick tightening in time-sensitive tasks.
  • Built with durable materials for long-lasting, reliable performance.
  • Wide range of applications from automotive to DIY repairs.
  • Achieve precise torque control, saving time and effort.
  • Elevate tasks with dependable, efficient, and versatile performance.


Drive: 1/2in
Overall Length: 13in
Head Style: Fixed Square
Operation Mode: Mechanical
Handle Design: T-Handle/ Rubber Coated
Finish: Black/Chrome
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Country of Origin : Taiwan
Qty: Each

Ref No.
9727 (Sunex)
VIMTT500 (1/2in Vim)


Automotive Repair
Industrial Maintenance
Construction Projects
Mechanical Engineering
Equipment Assembly

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