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AME Large OTR Truck Servicing Kit (92 pcs)

AME Large OTR Truck Servicing Kit (92 pcs)
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AME Large OTR Truck Servicing Kit (92 pcs)

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AME "LOTRTP" is a Large OTR Tool Truck Package that has everything you need to start your Large OTR Truck servicing business. This kit contains 92 pieces of tools that would otherwise take you months to purchase; let us save you time and money by allowing you to do what you do best.


  • All-in-one package for Large OTR Truck Servicing business.
  • Extensive research with experts in the industry to put this kit together.
  • FREE SHIPPING - Save a ton on shipping for these heavy tools
  • Only the best brand: Ken-Tool, Ingersoll-Rand, AME
  • Many are made in the USA.


1 x 11000: OTR Giant Tire Bead Breaker
1 x 13000: 100 Ton Aluminum Jack, 6in Stroke
1 x 13010: 10 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder, 2-1/8in Stroke
1 x 13020: 10 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder, 4-1/8in Stroke
1 x 13030: 10 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder, 5-1/8in Stroke
1 x 13060: 30 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder, 2in Stroke
1 x 13121: 55 Ton Aluminum jack, 6in Stroke with New Saddle and Base,
2 x 15920: 5 Quart Air Hydraulic Pump with Steel Reservoir
2 x 16050: 10,000 PSI 700 bar High Flow Hose Half Coupler, 3/8in NPT
2 x 16100: 8' 2.5 meters Hydraulic Hose, 10,000 PSI 700 bar, 3/8in NPT
1 x 93000: Flange Ring Puller
1 x 3110: 1in DR 10 PC Socket Set
1 x CH-350-LO : Dual Foot Lock On Air Chuck
1 x CP-7733-2 : Impact 1/2in DR with 2in Anvil
1 x CP-7782-6 : CP-7782-6 Wrench, C/P 1in Impact
1 x CP-873: Lo-Speed Tire Buffer
1 x GA-155S-RCL: Dual Foot Truck Service Gauge
1 x GA-255: Large Bore Swivel Gauge
1 x H-4660A: Air Chuck
1 x T19: T19 24in Tire Iron
2 x T21R: Drop Center Tire Tool
2 x T23A: Truck Lock Ring Removal Tool
1 x T25: T25 18in Rim Tool
1 x T26A: T26A Driving Iron
1 x T38: 30in Tire Iron
1 x T41: 30in Bead Tool
1 x T42: T42 30in Bead Breaker
2 x T45A: T45A 37in Tubeless Mount/Demount Bar
2 x T48A: Lock Ring Replacing Tool
2 x T52: T52 Bead Breaker Leverage Bar
2 x TC-370: Quick Connect Hydraulic Coupler, Complete Set
1 x TG11E: TG 11 E Tire Hammer
1 x N-1810: LB Hex Cap Remover
1 x N1410: Tire Tread Depth Guage
1 x TL690: LB Core Tool
1 x IN-95: Inflater Adapter
1 x N-1710: LB Core Tool
1 x 11900: Bead Seat Band Installer
1 x 11044: OTR Giant Tire Bead Breaker Head with Universal Jaws Kit
12 x 15230: Super Stacker Cribbing Block, 6in x 7in x 24in Black
1 x 14468: Titan 24in x 24in x 2in Jack Plate with Non-Skid
1 x 895: 50' Length of 1/2in Air Hose
1 x 5303: 1in Female x 3/4in Male Adapter
1 x 94010: Tire Bead Hook, Heavy Duty, 16k lbs.
1 x 84H-8: 84H-8 T37 8 lb. Sledge Hammer
1 x GA-255S-RCL: Large Bore Swivel Recalibratable
1 x ASP10: Large Bore Aspirator
1 x CH-315: Small Bore, Clip-on Air Chuck
2 x D17: 1/2in Quick Coupler, Female
4 x DOF: 1/2in Adapter, Male 3/8in
1 x GA125: Air Water Gauge, Chloride, and Air
1 x GA250: Large Bore Push-on Guage
1 x T39: 30in Single-End Curved Tire Spoon, 7/8in Stock
1 x T35: T35 Hamner-Wood Handle
1 x TG11EH: TG11 EH Tire Hammer Handle
2 x T20A: T20A 30in Tire Iron
1 x 15012: 3in Steel Crib Stand, Small
1 x 15022: 6in Steel Crib Stand, Medium
1 x 15032: 9in Steel Crib Stand, Large
1 x 324: L.B Dual Ft. Right Angle Chuck
1 x 377: Large Bore Hang-On Air Chuck
2 x 364F: 364F Reducer, 3/8in x 1/4in Brass
1 x LBTK: Large Bore Valve Repair Tool
1 x 2651: 1/2in Square Drive Socket Set, 13 pc. Deep
1 x 51456: 8 lb Soft Face Hammer, Orange
4 x 75005: Wedges, 7,12in, Lime Green

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