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Bend-Pak 7K Extra Wide/Tall Ali 4 Post Lift - HD-7W

Bend-Pak 7K Extra Wide/Tall Ali 4 Post Lift - HD-7W
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Bend-Pak 7K Extra Wide/Tall Ali 4 Post Lift - HD-7W

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Part No: BP-HD-7W

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BendPak's HD-7W is the standard-width car lift model in the HD-7 series. With a 110.25in overall width and a spacious 100.25in the spread between the columns, there's plenty of room to park most cars and trucks in the lower position. This leaves ample space for you to maneuver.

The 7,000-lb. Capacity HD-7W is ideal for shops that want the versatility to park sports cars, sedans, light-duty trucks, and SUVs in the same structure. There's even enough side clearance to accommodate larger truck mirrors. Even so, this lift is only slightly larger than a typical parking space. Due to its reduced footprint and its ability to house various vehicle types in a low-ceiling garage, the HD-7W is a desirable parking and maintenance solution for both homeowners and professional technicians.

Dependable design
The HD-7W features four stainless steel wire ropes and alone hydraulic cylinder that remains tucked underneath the runway. This powerful cylinder ensures you get a super-durable design that requires minimal maintenance over time.

Dual-hub wire rope sheaves
Larger wire rope sheaves prevent undue wear-and-tear on the four-post lift's axles, wire rope, and even the sheaves themselves. Dual-hub and oversized sheaves provide a safer product that lasts longer and costs less to maintain. The larger the sheave, the less friction against the components, so we make every single sheave larger than necessary. Typically speaking, the bigger the lift, the bigger the sheave.

Multi-level locking positions
Parking and service height is totally up to you. Every few inches, the columns will automatically lock into place; lower the runways onto the lock as they move over it. Push-button controls will release all four locks together.

Secondary safety locks
A secondary lock system acts as a slack-cable device that catches the runways and keeps your vehicle level if any dangerous cable slack develops. The lift will not be operational until you have a chance to resolve the issue.

Heavy-duty aircraft wire rope
Extremely powerful stainless steel wire ropes are rated at 14,400 lbs. each. They're called "aircraft quality" for a reason. The combined rating of these cables is more than 822% of the entire lift's maximum lifting capacity, and all wire rope is fully enclosed within the lift structure.

Electric-hydraulic power system
A zero-service power unit is incorporated into the four-post lift structure. Dependable, long-lasting, and extremely safe, it's always close at hand for your convenience.

Large base plates
10in x 12in base plates provide a stable yet minimal footprint for the HD-7W. Your four-post lift is as structurally sound as any car lift ever made.

Caster kit
A rugged, 4-piece caster kit makes your lift mobile, so you can get it out of the way for other service jobs or park your vehicles in a different part of the garage. Foot-lock casters work with or without a vehicle raised on the runways.


  • 7,000-lb. maximum lifting capacity
  • Wide drive-thru with tall lifting height and short runways
  • Runways include a rail-kit for optional accessories
  • Electric/hydraulic power system
  • Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
  • Internal anti-sway slider blocks in each column
  • Oversized self-lubricating cable rollers
  • Features heavy-duty 3/8in aircraft cable
  • Rugged 1.25in roller axles
  • Multi-position safety locks in each column
  • Adjustable lock ladders
  • Ramps feature non-skid surface
  • Push-button pneumatic safety release
  • Optional 4,500-lb. capacity rolling jack available / Model RJ-45

Lifting Capacity*: 7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)
*Max Capacity / Front Axle: 3,500 lbs. (1,588 kg)
*Max Capacity / Rear Axle: 3,500 lbs. (1,588 kg)

A - Min. Runway Height: 4.5in (114 mm)
B - Max. Rise: 82in (2,083 mm)
C - Max. Lifting height: 86.5in (2,197 mm)
Time to Full Rise: 35 seconds

Outside Dimensions
D - Overall Width: 110.25in (2,800 mm)
E - Outside Length: 174in (4,420 mm)
F - Overall Length: 200in (5,080 mm)
G - Height of Columns: 100in (2,540 mm)

Inside Dimensions
H - Width Between Columns: 100.25in (2,546 mm)
I - Drive-Thru Clearance: 86.5in (2,197 mm)

J - Runway Width: 19in (483 mm)
K - Length of Runways: 164in (4,166 mm)
L - Width Between Runways: 37.5in (953 mm) or 44.375in (1,127 mm)
M - Runway Centerline: 56.5in (1,435 mm) or 63.375in (1,610 mm)
N - Outside Edge of Runways: 75.5in (1,918 mm) or 82.375in (2,092 mm)

Minimum Wheelbase
Rated Capacity: 115in (2,921 mm)
75% Capacity: 100in (2,540 mm)
50% Capacity: 85in (2,159 mm)
25% Capacity: 70in (1,778 mm)

Locking Positions: 15
Lock Spacing: Every 4in (102 mm)

Power Unit
Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Noise: 45 dB

Weight: 1,702-lbs. (772 kg)
Dimensions: 166in x 22in x 34in (4,216 mm x 559 mm x 864 mm)


Sports cars
Light-duty trucks

Bend-Pak Warranty:

5 Years Lift structure
2 Years Hydraulic cylinder(s) and power unit
1 Year Operating components
1 Year Electrical components (excluding power unit)
1 Year Labor Warranty on site or at factory*
1 Year Free‐Shipping** on ground‐freight charges related to warranty performance
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