Tire Valves - AA Valve Core Refridgeration 700psig (Neoprene Seal)

AA Valve Core Refridgeration 700psig (Neoprene Seal)

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Part No: 43-024

Valve cores for all applications. Other valve cores not found can be requested. Contain valve service tools and accessories like double seal valve cap, replacement rubber grommet, rim spuds, valve caps, valve core, valve extensions and valve tools.

Product Information

  • Application: Refridgeration
  • Standards: ARI 720
  • Opening Pressure (PSIG): 80
  • Max Working Pressure (PSIG): 700
  • Temp Range: -40 to 250 F
  • Cup Seal Material: Neoprene
  • Special Description: R12, R22, R134a, R407a, R410a; control stop feature
  • Qty: Box of 10

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