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Corghi Ultra Performance Automatic ''Blue Light'' Wheel Balancer

Tire Balancers - Corghi Ultra Performance Automatic ''Blue Light'' Wheel Balancer
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Made in Europe

Corghi Ultra Performance Automatic ''Blue Light'' Wheel Balancer

  • SKU: BLUELIGHT $ 18,630.00


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Blue Light's complete technical development was achieved with the goal of maximizing functionality while offering maximum simplicity of use. Using a video camera and advanced artificial vision technologies, the processing unit identifies the balancing planes, displaying them on a high definition 'touch screen' monitor. At the same time, it prepares the measurement sensors and provides the user with an absolutely intuitive and completely automatic procedure. The adjustable display/weight holder unit and the oblique opening of the wheel guard ensure maximum ergonomics and make positioning possible also in tight spaces.


  • High resolution touch-screen monitor
  • Wheel data acquisition with automatic laser triangulators
  • Image/data processing thanks to a personal computer multiprocessor
  • Rim lighting for acquiring images in the blue light system
  • Rim display and image acquisition with video cameras
  • Automatic weight position search
  • Automatic wheel clamping with ELS shaft assembly
  • Radial and lateral run-out measurement
  • Side slip measurement
  • Laser pointer to indicate weight position
  • Weight Management (Integrated Software Suite)

Product Information

  • Voltage switching power supply: 100-230V 50-60Hz
  • Rim diameter: 10 in -32 in
  • Maximum wheel diameter: 44 in
  • Maximum wheel width with guard: 600 mm
  • Maximum wheel weight: 165 lbs
  • Rotation speed: 70-85-98 rpm 1


  • Conical Spring
  • Rubber Guard for Alloy Wheels
  • Wheel Attaching Cap
  • Spacer Cap
  • Small Cone 1,6 in -2,7 in
  • Medium Cone 2,6 in -3,4 in
  • Large Cone 3,3 in -4 in
  • Quick-Release Speed Nut
  • Wheel Weight Hammer
  • Calibration Weight/3.5 oz.
  • Tire Caliper

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