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TPMS Service - Schrader TPMS Sensor: SB-20028

Schrader TPMS Sensor: SB-20028

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Part No: SB-20028

Schrader TPMS Replacement Valves meet OE quality and performance specifications. Scharder TPMS sensors measure tire pressure and temperature. Scharder offers a growing range of replacement sensors that are designed for specific vehicle makes, models and y. Transmitters are make and model specific, consult the application guide to determine the proper replacement. Replacement transmitters and valves must be torqued with a specific torque wrench. Please refer to the application guide to determine the specific torque value.


  • Part Source: Schrader International
  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Torque Nut: 4Nm-35in-lbs
  • Torque Screw: N/A
  • Torque Core: 0.5Nm-4in-lbs
  • FCC ID: MRXTG224AM02
  • Housing Color: Red
  • Sensor Type: Clamp-In
  • Part Design: 1 Piece
  • Valve Material: Metal
  • Shape: 1 - Schrader Square
  • IC Number: 2546104219
  • Manufactured By: Schrader Electronics
  • Sensor ID Length: 8 Digits
  • Sensor ID Type: Decimal
    300M 04-02
    Concorde 04-02
    Crossfire 08-06 and 04
    Intrepid 04-02
    Prowler 02
    Town and Country Van 03-02
    Voyager 03-02
    Caravan 03-02
    Grand Caravan 03-02
    Intrepid 04-02
    Viper 2008

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