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Clore Pro-Logix Automatic Battery Charger (8 Amp)

Battery Service - Clore Pro-Logix Automatic Battery Charger (8 Amp)

Clore Pro-Logix Automatic Battery Charger (8 Amp)

  • SKU: CL-PL2208 $ 97.75

Part No: CL-PL2208


Optimized for charging the small batteries found in motorcycles, lawn tractors, jump starters and more. Active Filtering Technology is ideal for small batteries, avoiding indiscriminate pushing of power, instead feeding the power in a manner best for the battery. Smaller starting batteries come in a variety of types, making them ideal for charging with Pro-Logix battery chargers, which are compatible with many different battery types, including AGM batteries. Used to charge dead or dying batteries on smaller vehicles to cars and light trucks.


  • Temperature Compensation: Alters the charging characteristics to compensate for changes in ambient temperature, which can have a dramatic effect on how the battery accepts a charge.
  • 'Push And Go'' One Touch Control
  • Smart Clamp Technology: Provides reverse polarity protection, eliminates sparking and protects against many forms of operator error.
  • Versatile Charging: Compatible with a wide variety of battery types, including Conventional, Maintenance Free, AGM, Gel Cell, Deep Cycle and Marine batteries.
  • Active Filtering Technology: Reads the characteristics of each battery being charged and adjusts its power delivery based on those specific characteristics to deliver an optimal charge every time.
  • Sealed Case: Sealed aluminum case keeps dust and debris out of the charger for durability and extended service life.
  • Quad-phase Charging: The Quad-Phase charging process is designed to enhance energy absorption and restore battery reserve capacity.


  • 1-Year Limited

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