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Clore Power Inverter (150 Watt)

Battery Service - Clore Power Inverter (150 Watt)

Clore Power Inverter (150 Watt)

  • SKU: XL-PI1500X $36.80

Part No: XL-PI1500X


SOLAR power inverters, featuring Sonic Compression Technology, deliver clean, reliable power from a 12 Volt power source to a wide variety of power equipment and appliances. Our 150 Watt model, PI1500 X, utilizes a perfect shape and size for convenient in-vehicle use. It features one 115V AC outlet plus one USB outlet to power a wide variety of small electronics and appliances. Devices designed to bring the convenience of an outlet with you in the vehicle. Now, have the convenience of using non-traditional items in your vehicle that require power.


  • Sonic Compression Technology: SOLAR power inverters utilize a proprietary modified sine wave to provide stable, clean and reliable power throughout the operating range of each model. This results in smooth, consistent operation for powered electronics and appliances.
  • Perfect For On-the-go Power: Our 150 Watt model features an ideal shape for on-the-go power, in or out of a vehicle. It is powered by a 12V adapter that is plugged into a vehicle's 12V power port.
  • Safety Features: SOLAR power inverters feature short circuit protection, fault leakage protection and under/over voltage shut down to ensure safe operation of the inverter for the operator and all powered equipment.
  • Temperature Activated Fan Control: Heat dissipating fans turn on only when needed to reduce battery demand and save battery reserve capacity.


  • 1-Year Limited

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