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CEMB Flat Screen Wheel Balancer w/ Pneumatic Locking

Tire Balancers - CEMB Flat Screen Wheel Balancer W/ Pneumatic Locking
application carCar
application light truckLight Truck

CEMB Flat Screen Wheel Balancer w/ Pneumatic Locking

  • SKU: CMB-C-73SE $ 8,095.95

Part No: CMB-C-73SE

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This CEMB wheel balancer was created for medium to large size garages, car dealers and tire shops wanting to be able balance all aluminum wheels with precision, speed and accuracy. CEMB's C73se comes fully assembled.


  • Reduced mounting efforts and maximum operators safety.
  • Improved accuracy in centering the wheel thanks to the strong locking force of the device
  • For car, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles (Optional Adapters). Large Wheel guard (42")
  • Completely automatic cycle: Simply closing wheel guard
  • Computerized balancer for cars and light trucks
  • HD high definition flat screen Video monitor
  • Pneumatic locking
  • 'Intelligent' averaging system for residual static in-balance
  • No need for roller to get radio run-out
  • Self-diagnosis and self-calibrating

Product Information

  • Power requirements: 115V
  • Max. Power absorbed: 0.03 Kw
  • Shaft Size: 40mm
  • Balancing Speed: lessthan 100 rpm
  • Balancing Accuracy: lessthan 1g
  • Rim diameter: 10 in - 30 in
  • Rim width: 1.5 in - 20 in
  • Maximum wheel weight: 165 lbs or (75kg)
  • Operating Temperature: Deg. F 32-113 ( Deg. C 0-45)
  • Average Cycle Time: 6 - 8 seconds
  • Packing Dimensions: L58 in x W43 in x H85 in
  • Gross Shipping Weight: 318 lbs 1

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