Esco YAK 5.5 Ton Air Hydraulic Trolley Jack

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Part No: ESC-92016

ESCO YAK 5.5 Ton Air Hydraulic Trolley Jack:

Air hydraulic trolley jack, practical and easy to handle. The arm moves back automatically; the two descent valves guarantee perfect holding in all situations and controlled speed under load.


A: 55.12" (1400 mm)
B: 51.57" (1310 mm)
C: 35.04" (890 mm)
D: 3.54" (90 mm)
E: 16.69" (500 mm)
F: 12.6" (320 mm)
G: 8.19" (208 mm)
H: 5.5 Ton, 5 Tonne


  • Thanks to minimum height, maximum height and capacity these jacks are flexible and particularly suitable for cars, campers, vans, medium sized lorries, trailers and all vehicles weighing no more than 12 Tons.
  • Ideal for workshops, tire technicians and bodywork shops.

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