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Gaither Bead Booster (8Gal)

Tire Changing Tools - Gaither Bead Booster (8Gal)

Gaither Bead Booster (8Gal)

  • SKU: GTC-GB-8A $350.34

Part No: GTC-GB-8A


The GB-8A is the largest Bead Booster in Gaither's booster line. It carries an 8 gallon (32 Liter) tank which allows for use on a greater range of tire sizes. It also has two unique features: an Automatic Valve with a one-touch foot pedal release mechanism, and a built-in tire stand that automatically sets the bottom bead allowing for use of lower air pressures. Simply fill the Bead Booster to the necessary pressure, rest the tire/wheel against the stand, aim the barrel between the tire bead and wheel flange, and press the foot pedal! This instantaneous blast of air sets the bead of the tire using less pressure than a manual unit, therefore making it the safest unit available. The Bead Booster is still completely portable for use on any service truck.

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