Automotive - Sunex 700 Lb. Transmission Jack Saddle Adapter

Sunex 700 lb. Transmission Jack Saddle Adapter

  • $ 169.75
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Part No: SUN-7702

700 lb. Transmission Jack Saddle Adapter


  • This adaptor can transform your automotive floor jack into a transmission jack easily and quickly by replacing the stock saddle with this adapter.
  • Fitx Sunex model floor jacks 66037,6603,6612UPS
  • Fits most other automotive floor jack saddle bases that can accept a 29.72mm (1.170 inches) diameter adaptor stem. Adaptor washers and bushings are included
  • Fully adjustable universal saddle with safety chain for securing the transmission.
  • Shipping Weight 34.6 lbs


  • Shipping Weight (lbs.) 34.6 1

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